Exemptions and Capping

Other responsibilities of the Property Appraiser include the administration of exemptions(homestead, widows, seniors, disability, and many others), maintenance of property ownership records, and maintaining aerial photographs.It is the duty of the PropertyAppraiser to ensure all Homestead parcels are capped at 3% or CPI(Consumer PriceIndex).An added responsibility came into effect in 2009, with the provision that limits the increase in the annual assessment of Non-Homesteaded properties to 10%.As long as ownership does not change, the cap will apply.

Mapping Services

The Property Appraiser is also responsible for a wide range of mapping services.Maintaining current maps is a key part of the entire appraisal process. Your PropertyAppraiser exerts tremendous energy to ensure that changes in Hendry County are quickly reflected in the County maps. These maps are available for use by County and municipal agencies, commercial users and others who have a need to see a graphic representation of Hendry County.

Emergency Services

The Property Appraiser’s Office is part of theEmergency Management DamageAssessment Team.After local/state emergencies, they are the first responders charged with gathering an accurate assessment of the damages caused to homes, businesses, and infrastructure.This data is reported to local and state agencies as well as FEMA so that the necessary aid can be allocated.